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For almost 10 years, we have been breaking-in and schooling about a hundred horses a year. Thanks to our experience acquired through many years of practice, we have had the chance to make amazing human and horse encounters during our journey such as the famous Zingaro Stables or the Equestrian Academy of Versailles. We have also worked with the Gallorini Stables and broke-in famous race horses like Le Grand Lucé and Veslove.

Horse breeders for many years, we provide you with a wide range of services: from gestation monitoring to foaling. Lebourgeois Stables give you the opportunity to rely on a 24/7-on-site team with great experience in horse care and horse feed. Our facilities offer you 45 large stalls and more than 12.5 acres of secured paddocks. We have made the choice to safeguard the integrity of our grasslands by adding cattle herds to our pastures. Our geographical location, in the cradle of a horse breeding region makes it easier for our customers to choose among a wide range of stallions (both trotters and thoroughbreds). Veterinary follow-up is ensured by the renowned clinics of Alençon and Saint-Julien-sur-Sarthe (or any other veterinarian you might choose). These activities are complemented by breeding sport horses and French Trotters with our Madelice breeding. We also work on training young horses: breaking-in, in hand-breeding shows, sales preparations, pre training for trotters and thoroughbreds and of course competitions. We are also very happy to offer our horse boarding services for your sport and leisure horses.

The Blondeau Method

The method is used on all breeds of horse and in all disciplines, including racing (galloping or trotting), sport and leisure. The great advantage of the approach is that it can be used at all stages of development of the horse or the rider.The principle of this method lies on imposing our will to the horse, without violence and by building trust between the rider and the horse. The method is based on elements issued from classical French equitation. It is a time saving method with a very short time dedicated to breaking-in leafing to in-hand work after which the horse must give in and move forward on the pulling of the lunge. The horse, thus ridden on the very first day, is able after a few days, to face a difficulty (or any even that may be considered as disrupting).

With this method, the horse will not run away when he is scared. In this way, it is more available, calmer and safer. Blondeau Method is not a magic recipe that will solve all the problems in the wave of a magic wand, but it enables a fast and serene breaking-in and establishes a lasting and comprehensive language between the horse and its rider. 


The process starts with an analysis of the mental and physical faculties of each horse in order to maximise its potential. The method encourages mental and physical relaxation, which enables the horse to remember for life what it has learned. This form of schooling optimises and conditions the horse for the rest of his career, and this gentle method consolidates the safety of both riders and grooms. Once so trained, the willing horse will use his inherent strength to work with ease, whatever the discipline. To Blondeau a horse is to love and observe him, and to make a great effort to understand him. "Rather than just addressing the animal's body, we must also address his mind" (Jack Le Goff). In other words, we need to think like a horse.

Nicolas Blondeau

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